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Nanda Putty

“Recreating Mysore’s Heritage Buildings Through Paint and Pallattte “

Can there be a Mysorean who hasn’t been carried away by city’s beautiful buildings? Of course all of us do admire the majestic Maharaja palace, the beautiful church, and the nostalgic Oriental Research Institute. But, the artist in Nanda R Putty was so thrilled, that she has embarked on a mission to recreate the beautiful buildings of the royal city. Some of the paintings are on display at Pratima gallery, Ramsons House, near the zoo, Mysore from 24th to 26th January 2010.

Born in a family of artists, Mrs.Nanda R Putty started playing with paint brush at a tender age. Her father Raghutthama Putty was an accomplished artist, and her mother Lalitha Putty was well versed in hand embroidery . One of Nanda’s works in embroidery won her a national award and the title “Needle work princess”  when she was just 15. Raghutthama Putty’s meticulous training groomed the artist in Nanda, and she has rightly dedicated her first show of paintings to her father.

Mysore has expanded greatly in the recent past due to steady inflow of industries, tourists etc. Though it is a good sign, the expansion is not properly planned and it in sync with the legacy of Mysore. Mrs.Nanda is obviously disappointed with this and feels that the “beauty of Mysore should be restored”. “I grew up admiring these beautiful buildings. But, now I am disappointed to see new structures with designs which do not go well with that of the old ones. Some of the new buildings even obstruct the views of the old ones. I think we should preserve them for the generations to come, and mine is a small attempt in that direction” she says.

Ramsons’ a handicraft showroom which stands out for its efforts to preserve the traditional art forms, is hosting the show in its Pratima gallery. The exhibition will be inaugurated at 5PM on January 24th. It remains open to public till 26th, between 10AM and 7PM.