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Latest events

magicianraj Magician Raj Life Story - Rajeshwar Rao Wupradrishta
anasuya IndianRaga - Promoting talented artists in Indian music
chintankatti Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre Youth Festival
mukulkulkarni Mukul in concert at Cochin, Kerala
bhushansacademy Bhushans' to perform for "Ramotsavam-2012"
bhushansacademy Bhushans' to perform for "Ayyapan Pooja Sangam"-Coimbatore
bhushansacademy Bhushans' to perform for "GUDIYA SAMBRAMA"
bhushansacademy Bhushans' present Rukmini Kalyana @ DASOHAM-2011
krishnabhandari FLUTE Concert
anirbanbanerjee Talent Search Contest 2011-12 organized by The Dover Lane Music Conference and The Dover Lane Music Academy, Kolkata, India
chintankatti IMG Young Artist Festival on 19th Nov 2011
keshavchaitanyakunte Sudarshan Sangeet Sabha - 5 : celebrating birth centenary of Pt. Niwrittibua Sarnaik