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Are you an Artist?

Are you an Artist?

We take great pleasure in inviting resumes from artists to add to this growing collection of artist's information. Contact Artists-India Gallery.

Artists, who wish to be a part of this growing collection, should email their Profile [in a Text format and a Photograph] to

Art is the magic instrumentality by means of which our mind reveals 'The Beautiful'. We've started adding information on various classical dance styles of India, Indian instruments and Raagas.

We have a large collection of resumes of established artists of India from the great family of Arts. We've artists from various disciplines like Hindustani classical vocal music, Painting, Dance, Instrumental music and drama. We welcome aspiring artists to showcase their talent to the world.

This service is free and sole purpose of this Artists-India Gallery is to promote the artists and let the world know about Hindustani classical music, various dance forms and Artists from India.

Those who wish to contribute to this gallery in the form of "Articles, Photographs, Recordings", can send an email to Artists-India Gallery will publish these on the site and put "Courtesy Of" information.