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Indrayanee Mukherjee [Kathak Dancer]

Born of a distinguished family with a rich cultural heritage, Indrayanee Mukherjee is the first Ganda Bandh shahgird of Smt. Uma Dogra, who is one of the most dedicated artistes and a torchbearer of the Jaipur Gharana.
Indrayanee started training under her Guru ma in the year 1993 and the journey still goes on, bringing forth newer dimensions of understanding and growing up. The journey for her has been as important as has been her quest to understand and admire her mentor afresh every day.
Her Guru’s training reflects in indrayanee’s Dance. The nuances of Indrayanee’s soft, subtle, lyrical dance and Powerful Abhinaya make her different then others. Her performances have been noted for their fluidity of gesture, precise bodyline and meticulous technique. In all the performances, Indrayanee has enthralled the audiences with her graceful gestures, beautiful bodyline work and rich technique.

A Sociology graduate from St. Xaviers’ college Mumbai, Indrayanee went ahead to seek a further diploma in the craft of film making from Xaviers’ Institute of communication Mumbai. She there after joined the reputed company of Writer – Director Ravi Rai. This association led her to becoming an independent Director. She has to her credit a spate of short films, one of which, ”Nirvana Through Dance,” explores the life of her legendary dada Guru Pt. Durgalalji. All through her journey, Dance has been an integral part of every stage. It is her medium of expression and worship.

Indrayanee has had the opportunity to attend workshops conducted by Pandit Birju Maharaj. She also attended a four-day workshop at Pune, exclusively on the nuances of Abhinaya, conducted by Padma Vibhushan (late) Guru Shri Kelucharan Mohapatra, the renowned Oddisi maestro. In addition, she has also accompanied Smt. Uma Dogra for a workshop at Nritya Gram, the reputed school of dance founded by (Late) Smt. Protima Bedi. During this workshop, Indrayanee got to learn the multifarious aspects of dance and music, by comparing and discussing different Classical Dance forms in theory as well as practice.
In November 2002 she performed at the Vedic Heritage festival – USA, organised by Padma Vibhushan Guru Pt. Jasrajs’ institute. In the year 2006 she traveled to UK along with her Guru ma for a tour of performances through UK. And in the year 2007 followed a tour to Japan along with her Guru ma, organised by the ICCR and 2008 for Min-On Concert Association in Japan.

List Of Performances With Guru Maa Uma Dogra

  1. Puri Beach Festival – Orissa (1996.)
  2. N.C.P.A. Tata Theatre – Mumbai 1997
  3. Meerabai – ISKCON, Mumbai (July, 1998).
  4. Dance and Music Festival – Jamshedpur (January, 1999).
  5. West Zone Dance Festival – Nasik (28th May, 1999).
  6. We Care Trust Charity Show – Rangsharda, Mumbai (February, 1999).
  7. Mahima Foundation – Pune (15th April, 2000).
  8. A Festival of Music and Dance by the Pandit Durgalal Memorial Cultural Society – Kamani Centre, New Delhi (9th September, 2000).
  9. Alliance Francais – Mumbai (2000).
  10. Sri Krishna Parijatam, a ballet by Kuchpudi Kala Kendra – ISKCON Auditorium, Mumbai (9th May, 2001)
  11. SPIC MACAY’S VIRASAT 2001 - Indira Gandhi Institute of Research Development, Mumbai (1st October, 2001).
  12. The 12th Pt. Durgalal Festival of Music and Dance, Sam Ved – Nehru Centre, Mumbai (8th February, 2002).
  13. The 13th & 14th Pt. Durga Lal Festival of Music and Dance 2003 & 2004.
  14. International Dancers Day Bombay 29th April 2003.
  15. Sankat Mochan Temple Banaras 21st April 2003.
  16. Indore 18th April 2003.
  17. Ujjain 19th April 2003.
  18. Baitul 15th June 2003.
  19. ISCKON Hare Krishna April 2003
  20. Art of Living Nehru Centre January 2003
  21. SPIC MACKAY Godrej Udyanchal School Vikhroli Mumbai 18th April, 2003.
  22. Udayan NGMA Bombay December 2003
  23. 2nd February 2004 SPIC MACKAY Arya Vidya Mandir Bombay.
  24. Devas Dance and Music Festival. 9th April 2004.
  25. Rajgeer Festival - Bihar Tourism 24th October 2004.
  26. Jamshedpur - 2nd August 2003.
  27. 15th Pt. Durgalal Festival – Delhi. 4th. Feb 2005.
  28. KalaGhoda Festival Mumbai. February 2006.
  29. Sangeet Natak Akademi’s - Nritya Pratibha – Jodhpur, 25th February 2006.
  30. UK Tour – 2006.
  31. Konark Festival – Bhuvaneshwar – 3rd December 2006.
  32. Kathak Kendra Festival – Nehru Center – Mumbai. 8th Feb 2007.
  33. Maihar Festival - in memory of Baba Allaudin Khan Sahab. 18th Feb 2007.
  34. ICCR – Japan, January 2007.
  35. MIN-ON concert association Japan – January 2008.
  36. 18th Pt. Durgalal Festival 22nd February, 2008 Mumbai.
  37. NCPA presents Karl Jenkins “Adiemus”. Bhabha Auditorium. 14th. February, 2009.
  38. Mahakaleshwar Temple Ujjain 2009
  39. Kalashram kamani Hall Delhi. 2009
  40. Kala-Nadam 10th Aniversary Celebration of Classical Dance and Music. 15th November, 2009 – Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore.
  41. Saifee Mohotsav. Saifee. December 2010.
  42. Odisha Festival Kolkata, 2011.
  43. Ektatva and Gati Gayand. Bhabha auditorium, Tata Theater. 16th September, 2011.
  44. Gati Gayand Bhabha auditorium Navy Nagar (Tata Institute of Fundemental Research Mumbai). 5th January 2012.

Solo Performances:

  • 6th Rain Drops Festival, Sam Ved – Godrej Dance Academy, Mumbai 1996
  • 11th Youth Music and Dance Festival. South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur – Raipur 1997.
  • Kal Ke Kalakar – Sur Sringar Samsad, Mumbai (1999).
  • Pallavothsava – Mysore (September, 1999).
  • Nritya Pratibha - Kathak Kendra, NewDelhi (November, 1999).
  • Sabrang Dance Festival – Nasik.
  • 10th Rain Drops Festival, Sam Ved – Godrej Dance Academy, Mumbai (July, 2000).
  • Udayan – National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai (9th February, 2002).
  • Vedic Heritage Inc. – Jerusalem Avenue, New York, USA (1st & 2nd November, 2002).
  • Saakori Aashram - January 2003.
  • Yuva Nritya Mahotsav – Nehru Centre 26th February 2004.
  • Ghungroo Festival Gwalior 8th October 2004.
  • 15th Pt. Durgalal Festival, in association with Shruti Mandal. Jaipur. 30th November 2004.
  • Shree Ram Nam Sewa Aashram Nyaas, Ujjain – December 2004.
  • 15th Pt. Durgalal Festival in association with Sakchi Alumni Association.
  • Dance Festival Jamshedpur. 30th January 2005.
  • Shree Ram Nam Sewa Aashram Nyaas, Ujjain – December 2005 and 2006
  • Kathak Mahotsav. MAHAGAMI – Aurangabad. 29th April 2006.
  • Sam Ved’s 17th Raindrops Festival Bombay. 21st July, 2007 Ravindra Natya Mandir.
  • The Bombay Mix – Greenwich Picture house. London. August 2007.
  • Sangeet Samaagam Trust (in memory of Pt. Rakhal Mishra). 2007 Gaikwad Hall - Mumbai.
  • 2nd Devdasi Festival – Bhubaneshwar – 15th. October, 2007. JayaDev Bhavan.
  • Sanskrita Foundations’ PRAYAAG 2007. 25th. November, 2007.
  • Dinanath Mangeshkar Natya Griha, Vile Parle (East)
  • Shree Ram Nam Sewa Aashram Nyaas, Ujjain – December 2007.
  • Nalanda’s Nrityotsav in association with the Mumbai Festival – Bandra Fort- Mubai 17.01.200
  • 18th Pt. Durgalal Festival - Sam Ved. Nehru Centre Mumbai. 22nd February, 2008.
  • 18th Raindrops Festival – Sam Ved. Bhavan’s Cultural centre-Andheri. 8th September, 2008.
  • Kinkini Festival – Ravindra Natya Mandir. September, 2008.
  • World Peace Conference - Shree Ram Nam Sewa Aashram Nyaas, Ujjain –October 2nd, 2008.
  • Bhabha Atomic Research Center. Trombay. 23rd. December, 2008.
  • BES school Alumni’s: Bhakti- Sanmati-Sharanagati- Ravindra Natya Mandir Mumbai. January 2009.
  • Sravasti presents “Aekhon Basanta” – At the Town Hall Kolkata. February 27th, 2009.
  • Shree Ram Nam Sewa Aashram Nyaas, Ujjain – 14 December 2009.
  • Raindrops Festival -Nasik 2010.
  • Raindrops Festival -Nagpur August 2010.
  • Society for Petroleum Engineers, Mumbai November 19, 2011.

In all the performances, Indrayanee has enthralled the audiences with her graceful gestures, beautiful bodyline work and rich technique.
Contact :-
1E, 1203, New Mhada,
Near Lokhandwala circle,
Versova, Andheri (W),
Mumbai – 400053.