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Yogesh Ratnaparkhi [Gwalior Gharana]

Yogesh started his training in North Indian classical music at the early age of eight from Smt. Malati Agashe. At 16, he earned the title of Sangeet Visharad which is equivalent to Bachelors Degree in Music. Later, he advanced his learning under the able guidance of Pt.Yashwantbuwa Joshi and Shri.Ram Deshpande of the Gwalior Gharana. He also had the opportunity to get valuable guidance in light music from the music veteran Yashwant Deo.

Endowed with a rich and mellifluous voice, Yogesh sings Gazals, Bhavgeet and Bhaktisangeet with equal ease and proficiency as he would deliver a Khayaal. His mesmerizing voice & music has always left his audience spell-bound and wanting for more. He has the rare ability to bring out the best facets of the Raga with his creative Taanas and Aalaps.

Yogesh has performed at various state and national level music concerts and competitions in India. Since 2001, he has been performing in popular music and cultural events including the Art Stage, Dallas, the Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal convention, NYC and the Asian Heritage Festival, Dallas.He won the title Destani Idol 2005, a national talent competition in North America for Indian music and dance.

A Computer Science graduate, Yogesh works fulltime as a Software Engineer in Dallas. He is currently under the tutelage of Shri. Suhas Vyas of the Gwalior Gharana.

"Yogesh Ratnaparkhi sang for one of my disciples' Oriya dance concert and did a great job enthralling around 400 audiences with his excellent music. His regular riyaz and hold on classical music is evident in his tenured voice and confident presentation." - Meenakshi Sheshadri

Contact Details

Yogesh Ratnaparkhi
+1 214 632 8307
7421 Frankford Rd #2622
Dallas TX 75252