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Shweta Jhaveri

Shweta Jhaveri is one of the celebrated young performers of the north Indian vocal classical music of the present times. Her speciality is the Indian classical vocal form 'Khayal'.She also presents tappa, thumri, tarana and Bhajans with equal ease & precision. Born in Ahmedabad-India, Shweta is the primere female vocalist from Gujarat to perform classical music on the national & international stages since her age of 19 yrs. Shweta is also the primer Indian classical vocalist to have performed live as 'Cosmic Khayals' & recorded with the world musicians since a young age.

Shweta learnt vocal music from Pt. Vilasrao Khandekar of the Kirana gharana in Ahmedabad since her age of 6 yrs. and completed MA in music under his able guidance, encouraged by her parents Dr. Subodh Jhaveri & Hansa Jhaveri. She simultaneously learnt from the world renowned maestroe vocalist Padmavibhushan Pandit Jasraj-ji of the Mewati Gharana till her age of 26 yrs. Her academic background includes a BA degree in English Literature and MA in music. Earlier, she also studied the Kathak classical dance form for 8 yrs. & languages of Gujarati, Hindi, English, Bengali, French and Sanskrit, all of which she has performed in her concerts of Indian classical and world music.

Shweta Jhaveri has performed extensively in India, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland The Netherlands, Bangladesh, Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore & was the first Hindustani vocalist to perform in Argentina in 2001. Shweta Jhaveri workshops has attracted students from India, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Argentina, Spain, Israel & France. She has also taught as a guest instructor at the prestigious AACM-SanRafael - USA & PJSOMF - Vancouver, Canada. Shweta has lent her voice for the Indian national TV serial 'Mriganayani' & feature films such as the Indian film 'Panchavati' by late Basu Bhattacharya & an award winning film from UK - 'Dance of the Wind'. Shweta has been included in the Gujarat state documentary for her Indian classical performances in India & abroad and in the dictionary of world music - UK for her world vocal music compositions. Shweta is the recipient of the Netragaonkar arard and Pt. Jasraj natioanl awardfrom Pune in 1994, the Indo-American Chamber's music award for Arts and Humenities from California in 2003 and the prestigious ASCAPLUS award for her classical Cd Avishkar and for her lyrics in English, from New York, USA in 2005.

Shweta Jhaveri is the founder of 'Cosmic Khayals'(1998) since her early 30s, a music company that features her musi lyrics & compositions which recently received one of the prestigious ASCAP awards for Shweta's Indian classical vocal music CD Avishkar & for her lyrics in English from New York ,USA in October 2005. Shweta Jhaveri is also the founder of a record label '21stCentury COSMOS music', which has produced her Indian classical vocal music CDs 'Avishkari' & 'Khayal Saga'. A musician par excellence, Shweta Jhaveri's mesmerizing voice & music is recognized today in the fields of North Indian classical vocal as well as World vocal music.

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