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Shweta Jhaveri

One of the finest Hindustani classical vocalists of the present times Shweta Jhaveri has performed worldwide since her teenage. A performer of Khayal she also presents other north Indian (Hindustani) classical forms Thumri, Bhajan, Dhrupad and classical compositions. A follower of the Mewati & Maihar gharana traditions, her graceful khayals carry the grandeur of dhrupad. Regarded for her music creations such as Cosmic Khayals and Saraswati bani in Hindustani classical vocal and world music, her magical voice and music mesmerize audiences.

Tutelage under Gharana-traditions:

Blessed to be trained under the orally passed on traditions of music in India, she was heard by mewati maestro Pandit Jasraj at a gathering in Ahmedabad and came under his tutelage at her age of 15 yrs. She was trained by him in India until early 1990s specially in khayal. At her age of 23 she came to California USA being the youngest faculty-teacher at the esteemed Ali Akbar college of music and performed for a decade under the guidance of Maihar senia traditions' legendary musician Ali Akbar khan who brought a lasting influence of his music and dhrupad style in her vocal music. Regarded for her mesmerizing music she performs with purity and elan the vocal traits of her traditions such as improvising the kharaj or lower octave, ample use of meend, gamak, dhrupad traits and embellishments with soulful imagination. She has also composed music and created raga.

Academic background:

During her childhood in Ahmedabad-India she had received initial vocal music lessons for eight years from khandekar-ji who was strictly a vocal music teacher and prepared her for music exams and graduation in her teenage. By this time her tutelage in gharana had begun in Mumbai-India under mewati maestro Pandit Jasraj. After moving to California USA by her age of 24 yrs she was a faculty-teacher at the Ali Akbar college of music, she performed under the guidance of Maihar-senia gharana's legendary musician Ali Akbar khan until 2000. Shweta Jhaveri holds a bachelor's in English literature from St.Xavier's college.

Performance and Creations :
Shweta Jhaveri has extensively performed in India, USA, Canada, UK, Bangladesh, Europe-France, Germany, Switzerland, Africa, the Middle East, the Netherlands, the Caribbean, South America. She founded Cosmic khayals in 1999 in her early 30s which has preserved and propagated Hindustani classical vocal and world music of raga through her vocal performance. In the same year she began the Spring & Summer classes for international students of vocal music. She also performed under her record label for a brief time presenting her self-composed milestone recording such as Avishkar following her traditions and has been recorded by prestigious labels. She expresses her cherished areas in music as Shruti-Raga-Invocation which denotes microtonal sound-raga sentiment-soulful music. Her creation Saraswati bani in Hindustani classical vocal music features khayals, dhrupad, classical compositions and raga creation performed by her in concerts since 1990. She has also written world music lyrics in Hindi and English languages. Performing for radio such as BBC-uk, NPR-usa, Television and Films from her young age she has also garnered awards and honours from India and abroad. She is regarded as a premier Indian classical vocalist to perform with western musicians introducing raga and khayal to the western world. Reckoned as a pioneer vocalist to perform Hindustani classical vocal as well as World music par excellent, the charisma of her music continues to delight audiences.

Please note : Shweta Jhaveri is also addressed traditionally as Shweta-ji by Indian classical music lovers and by the media or as Ms. Jhaveri in the western world. She does not accept titles to her name and keeps her artistic legal name as Shweta Jhaveri for the media, music concerts and related activities.