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Rajkumar Barshikar [Kirana Gharana]

Pt. Rajkumar Barshikar is an accomplished vocalist of KiranaGharana. Panditji started learning Hindustani Classical Music (both vocal and instrumental) at an early age of seven. He had his initial training under his father and later learned from Shri. Annasaheb Ranade at Ahmednagar. He started participating in public programs at nine itself.

From 1958 to 1960 he was disciple of Shri. Lahanu Nagpure, the court singer of Nagpur princely state. During the same time Shri. Balgandharva heard him at Sainath Sangeet Vidyalaya, Ahmednagar and appreciated him. The same evening he gave accompaniment on harmonium to Shri. Balgandharva at City Council Hall. Panditji later became disciple of Dr. Deviprasad Kharvandikar as well.

However, a very important turning point came in his life when he became disciple of Khan Saheb Abdul Karim Khan’s disciple Pt. Sadashivrao Jadhav from 1980 to 1985 for good five years and got enriched in art of singing Kirana Gharana style. He also had his lessons from Dr. Sudhakar Marathe and Shri. Shriram Deosthali.

Being pious by nature, Panditji has offered his service through Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal), Bhajans and devotional songs at various places like Shirdi, Akkalkot, Kolhapur, Pune, Pawas, Nevasa, Jamb and Basar (Nanded). He was invited to offer his service at Mathura and Vrindavan.

He came in contact with his spiritual Guru Nandakumar Maharaj in 1985. Panditji has been offering his service at Shri Datta Ashram at Sangavi (Pune) since then for over 20 years. He gives free coaching to his students coming to the Ashram.

A senior music critique Late Shri. Dattopant Deshpande, Late Sardar Abasaheb Mujumdar heard Panditji and complimented him. In 1985 itself Pandit Jasraj too complimented him for his melodious concert.

Pandit Rajkumar Barshikar enacted the lead role of Charudatta in ‘Sangeet Mruchhakatik’ in 1994 and bagged the first prize for singer-stage-artiste from Maharashtra State.

Panditji has given several performances on AIR and TV.

Panditji has composed music for over 200 Bhajans and devotional songs based on Hindustani Classical Music. His two CDs namely ‘Shri Datta Guru Namsmaran’ and ‘Lakshman Maharaj’have been popular.

He has been honored by many institutions like ‘Gurukul Prathisthan’for his service to music.

Pandit Rajkumar Barshikar is known for 'purity of Swara'. It has always been an opportunity to listen to his melodious singing.Panditji competently presents Khyal, Thumari, Natyasangeet, Bhavageet, Bhaktisangeet.

Contact Details

Rajaram Hight,
779 Budhawar peth,
Near Namdev Mangal Karyalay,
Pune 411 002