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Nabanita Chowdhury

Creativity and improvisation are the essences of Nabanita’s performances. Nabanita was born into a Bengali family of musicians. She received musical guidance initially at a very tender age from her mother, Smt. Jayashree Chakraborty. Subsequently she added luster to her art under worthy and dedicated Gurus of different Gharanas (Bhindibazar, Kirana, Patiala etc). Nabanita embellishes her performances/presentations with the unique gems of the best of different Gharanas. She is First Class First with distinction in Hindustani Classical music in B.A. / M.A. courses and a PhD scholar.

The brilliance of Nabanita lies in her own distinctive blend of styles, her creativity and a magical voice capable of expressing every emotion. She is adept at singing wide variety of styles, allowing an exquisite expression of emotion and improvisation.

Though trained basically in Khayal (imagination) Gayaki, her versatility encompasses the lighter realms of Classical Music. She is equally excellent in other genres such as Thumri, Dadra, Sufi, Ghazal, Geet and Bhajans.

Besides Indian classical/semi classical, Nabanita is a reputed Rabindra Sangeet (in Hindi and Bengali) singer. She is equally famous for her renditions in Nazrul, Folk, and other Bangla/Hindi songs.

Technical mastery apart, the quality of Nabanita’s voice steals the hearts of her audiences, and reviewers alike. Her Murkis, Gamaks and the imaginativeness with which she weaves together clusters of notes holds her listeners spellbound. Nabanita with her mellifluous and facile tonal quality brings spirituality and peace through her performances. Her renditions ooze divinity and lift the audiences to heights transcending mundane world.

Nabanita has performed extensively all over the country and abroad under the aegis of numerous musical organizations and Sangeet Sammelans.

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