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Vivek.V.Krishna an extremely talented flautist was initiated into this divine art form of carnatic music at the tender age of 12 years. He acquired basic lessons and flute technique from Sri Vijay and Vidwan H.S. Venugopal. His innate desire to acquire deep insight over this music was nurtured and took shape under the scholarly guidance of rasika kala ratna Vidwan Neyveli R.Santhanagopalan where in he under went a vigorous training in the traditional gurukulam style. This may be considered as the golden period in the life of Vivek where he not only learnt the nuances of music but every aspects of life.

Vivek began to bloom as an artiste and rendered his first performance in the year 1998. There on he never looked back. Unstinting support from his parents and vigorous training from his gurus has taken him way ahead in this art form.

He has been exceptionally gifted with wonderful blowing and bhava and he has acquired different fingering techniques and produces different tonal quality in flute using different lengths of flutes to produce base and shrill sounds and he also has an delightfully appealing personality both on and off the stage which has been commended by connoisseurs and critics.

He has been performing in almost all the major festivals, organizations and sabhas all over India he has bagged enormous prizes in recognition of excellence of performance. He has extensively traveled all over United States Of America, Muscut, Japan Netherlands And Other Countries. In recognition of his talent he has been awarded"Kalavatamsa"from Gokulam School Of Music, Bangalore and "Venu Gana Praveen"from Savitri Arts Academy (California)

A sincere and dedicated artiste who has imbibed music in every walks of life wishes to propagate the elegant and classical; art form of India to the nook and corners of the world with the blessings of Sri Sri Sri Gangadharendra Saraswati Of Sirsi and his gurus.

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