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Subhrangshu Chakraborty

"The expressive fingers that do not just play it reaches the Soul."

If simplicity be the essence of beauty, then subhranghsu Chakraborty is, one of the most beautiful gems that adorn the glittering crown among young talents of Indian Classical Music.

Untouched and untarnished by the glamour that is an inherent part of success among the young talents in India of entertainment, this multibrilliance that comes from within.......

His Heritage

Born into a family that lived and breathed music, Subhrangshuji was learning Tabla playing at an age where other children are still teething. Creating a history of sorts, he was trained primarily by Provas Kumar who begins to teach him in 'Farukhabad' a most popular gharana in India.

Subsequently he admitted in Rabindra Bharati University (popular by Tagore House in Jorasanko, Kolkata) and became graduate in percussion having fisrt and then M.A. from the with a remarkable performance. Then took talim intensively under the same gharana to Pandit Anil roy Chowdhury, a famous Tabla Maestro who was disciple of Farukhabad Gharana's Tabla legendary Ustad Masid Khan Sahib. Subhrangshu took talim under Ustad Alla Rakha Khan and now under maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain being one of his beloved disciple. His impressive debut at the great music festival in Kolkata mesmerized a distinguished audience into acclaiming him as a young prodigy.

A highly intelligent and conscientions musician Subhrangshu has fused the influences of great veterans like Pandit Ajay Pohankar, Pandit Arun Bhaduri, Pandit Deepak Chowdhury, Ustad Shamim Ahamed Khan. And so on.

His Feats

Subhrangshu Chakraborty is a rare distinguished classical Indian music talent who has at the age of 30, given 22 years of his life to the world of tunes and rhythms. His playing of table impresses primarily for its aesthetic beauty and then for its easy but impeceable technique. His expressive fingers have an infinite reach. It can sooth the soul as effectively as it can excite the heart. His performance in the sphere of Solo Tabla is artistically playful and demands praise and is much acclaimed Tabla Soloist performing traditional compositions of all the major Gharanas like Delhi, Punjab, Ajrara, Benaras and Poorab etc.

His Concerts

A widely traveled performer Subhrangshu Chakraborty is a true ambassador of Indian classical music who preaches the gospel of music through the world. He has vastly performed as soloist and also accompanied by veteran vocalists and instrumentalists at various musical conferences not only in India. His performance out side the country was whole heartedly congratulated by the music lovers of those countries also. He received scholarship from Rabindra Bharati University Nirod Baran Memorial Award in the year of 1996 and other awards from the Govt./non govt. organizations.

His Works

He composes so many fusions which are highly appreciated by the music loers not only in India but also outside the country like Malayasia, Bankok, Bangladesh etc. Not only "Anubhaba" a fusion with many instruments was founded by him in 1997, "Gati", "Remember-99 on Orissa" and most popular composition "Indo Drums of Melody" were highly appreciated. Moreover he composes the great one "Naad Vinyas" shich is appreciated by the bright stars on music like Arun Bhadury. Pt. Deepak Chowdhury, Goutam Ghosh, Aparna Sen and other celebrities.

  • Subhrangshu Chakraborty an approved artist on the prestigious panel of ministry of information & Broadcasting Song & drama division. Subhrangshu performed extensivly all over the country for major organizations like Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre.
  • 'Basant Utsav "organized by Akashvani & Rabindra Bharati University.
  • Consulat general of Bangladesh Kolkata.
  • AllaRakha Institute of Music Guru purnima festival Mumbai.
  • Allahabad Prayag sangeet samiti Allahabad.
  • Sangeet Bhawan Viswa Bharati University shantiniketan & many others.........

His Legacy

Subhrangshu is an exceptionally gifted tabla artiste who can accomplish anything that calls for a comprehensive musical technique and sensivity to emotions.... but his first love is to impart musical knowledge to the younger generation to bring his dream to fusion, subhrangshuji conducts excelent rhythm and tabla workshops in india abroad with single minded divotion&dedication..

Contact Details

Subhragshu Chakraborty
Phone: 03472226977
Mob: 09434179910/11
Fax: 03472 256638