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Souravbrata Chakraborty

Born in 1984, Souravbrata is a second-generation instrumentalist hailing from the Imdadkhani Gharana. He was initiated into playing the sitar at the age of 12 by his mother, Smt. Mala Chakraborty. After that he went to get talim from the renowned veteran Sitar Maestro Pt. Manilal Nag. After learning from him, he went to receive talim of Gayaki Ang from the legendary Sitar Maestro Pt. Kashinath Mukherjee of Imdadkhani Gharana. He also took some talim of Surbahar from the veteran Sitar Maestro Shri Nitai Bose. Now a days, along with the sitar, he also plays the Surbahar in public conferences. His style resembles the depth and melody of old Dhrupad Angi Khayal style. He was fortunate to receive blessings from a number of gifted musicians of our country, like, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Pt. Firoz Dastur and Ustad Vilayat Khan.

Artist's website

  • He had played both Sitar and Surbahar in Chatu Babu & Latu Babu's house concert.
  • Played at the Aurobinda Institute of Culture.
  • Played at the prestigeous Senia Sangeet Sammelan.
  • Played in house concert of Pt. Netai Bose and got praise from many eminent musicians.
  • Secured First Prize in the Maya Mitra Memorial Instrumental Competition.
  • Performed in "AAA" Channel as an honorable artiste.
  • Also played at Mahfil.
  • Had an interview published in Sur Sangbad with Bishoke Sil, who was surprised after listening to his recital in a concert.
  • Performed in Bharatiya Sanskriti Sansad.
  • Played at the Haldia Music Conference, Bhawanipur Sangeet Sammelan, Avedananda Math (at Swami Avedananda Centenary Hall), Haldia.

Contact Details

85/2 Masjid Bari Street
Kolkata - 700 006