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Shriram Hasabnis [Harmonium Artiste]

Shriram Hasabnis, one of the young talents in harmonium with a wide experience as a successful accompanist from past 10 years.

Shriram was born in a family of musicians where music became a part of his life. He was initially trained by his father Shri. Suresh Hasabnis, who is a tabla player and disciple of Pt. Vinayakrao Ghangrekar. And also vocal classical training from
Pt. Govindbuwa Kale of sangli. This background proved the concrete base of the classical music for Shriram.

Shriram started trying to follow the notes at very early age of 7. In his school days he accompanied many keertankaars. One day he accompanied with Shri. Hrishikesh Bodas (disciple of Pt. D. V. Kanebuwa of Ichalkaranji and Pt. Vinayakrao Patvardhan ). Shri.Bodas found the qualities in Shriram and started grooming his accompaniment skills by giving him opportunities to accompany with him regularly. Similarly Shriram was regularly practicing with other disciples of Pt. Kanebuwa like Smt.Mangala Joshi and Manjusha Kulkarni-Patil. This experience engraved him with minute dimensions of Agra Gwalior Gayaki and brought confidence in his playing.

Between the age of 16 to 21 Shriram got many grand opportunities to perform with many stalwarts during his collage studies at Kolhapur. Many artist were performing at Gayan Samaj Deval Club regularly. Shriram's experience became more wider in these five years. In these days he accompanied with late Pt.K.G.Gindesaheb, Pt.Y.B.Joshi and many more. Shriram has obtained the lessons of Classical Vocal from late Pt. G.V.Dandekar who was one of the senior vocalists of Gwalior Gharana and was disciple of Pt.Narayanrao Thitebuwa and Pt. Jagannathbuwa Pandharpurkar.

Another important influence on his development as a musician was the guidance from Pt. Kanebuwa of Ichalkaranji. Shriram was regularly attending the taaleem sessions by Pt. Kanebuwa. He marked the areas and particulars of Gharandaaj Gayaki of Agra Gharana in these days.

Practicing with his brother Vinayak who is a Tabla Player and disciple of late Pt.Ganpatravji Kawthekar( Disciple of Ustad Munir Khansaheb),Shriram expertise in playing Nagma. This proved beneficial to Shriram while accompanying with many a top
Tabla players of India like Pt. Kishan Maharaj, Pt. Sureshji Talwalkar, Ustad Sabir Khan, Pt. Nayan Ghosh, Pt. Vibhav Nageshkar, Pt. Bhai Gaytonde etc.

Presently he is under the expert guidance of Pt. Tulshidasji Borkar.


Shriram has successfully accompanied with many a top vocalists like Ganasaraswati Smt. Kishori Amonkar, Smt. Girija Devi, Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, Pt. Ratnakar Pai, Pt. Sharad Sathe, Pt. Narendra Kanekar and many more. He has traveled all over India and performed in many prestigious music conferences and festivals. Some of them are Tansen Samaroha Gwalior, Sawai Gandharva festival Pune, Malhar Festival by Nehru Center, ITC Sangeet Sabha, National Program of All India Radio etc. Also he has performed many solo concerts.

Shriram has obtained Diploma Of Instrumental Music (Harmonium) from Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Contact Details

401,B-Wing, Shraddha hsg. soc.
Mhada Complex, Chandivali,
Andheri (E), Mumbai- 400 072
Mo. 9820788173 / 9892804243