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Rajat Prasanna [Benaras Gharana]

Born in the family of traditional legendary musicians of Benaras Gharana, Rajat was fortunate to have the right environment for his latent musical talents to blossom. Right from the tender age of six years, Rajat is being learning Indian Classical Music and groomed under the kind guidance of his grandfather late Pandit Raghunath Prasanna & father Shri Ravi Shankar Prasanna. The music heritage has imbibed in him a very keen sense of sur and taal (Musical notes & Rhythm), with the result; various exponents of Indian Classical Music have applauded his public performances in musical sittings. A daily practice session of minimum of four hours from last fourteen years had enabled him to grasp and master the intricacies and have finer qualities of Indian Classical Music and developing a style that was respectful of tradition, yet full of innovation on Flute.

The flute (Bansuri) is considered to be the most ancient and natural musical instrument. The idea of fashioning this instrument occurred while listening to the sweet notes generated by the blowing of wind through the holes carved on the bamboo sticks by pests & insects. For centuries together, the flute was the principal pastoral instrument. It was left to the genius of late Pandit Raghunath Prasanna & Pandit Pannalal Ghosh to elevate it to the status of a concert instrument.

The polished tonal grace, rhythmic elegance, and depth as well as lucidity of expression evident in Rajat’s playing are the result of his continuing advanced training and refinement uder his father and to the rigours of such a preeminent tradition, Rajat has added his own dedication and finesse - through painstaking practice, assiduous assimilation and erudite presentation.

Music lovers and critics in India have acclaimed his imaginative and haunting rendition of ragas. His performances are replete with unexpected, sweet and breathtaking improvisations. While listening to his enthralling performances, Times Music has released a collection of ragas & dhuns in a cassette named Dharohar-2 on flute at the age of twelve and undoubtedly one of the youngest participating flautists in Hindustani Classical Music. Since then he has repeatedly performed in All India Radio, Akashwani & Doordarshan. Recently Mystica Music has released his new album under the series of Hidden jems. He is known for his many successful performances around the globe; Mauritius under ICCR (Indian Council of Cultural Relations), France, reunion to namesome.

Performance, awards & felicitations

  • Performed at Aanand Murti GuruMa Ashram in Gannaur.
  • Performed at Yamuna Nagar Music Festival(2007)
  • Performed at India International Centre(2007)
  • Performance at PSK Delhi(2006)
  • Performance at Hariballabh Sangeet Mahasabha, Hemant Utsav in Jalandhar (2005)
  • Flute recital in Arambh Utsav at Bharat Bhavan-Bhopal & Uttaradhikari-Balaghat (2005)
  • Performance at Khan Kae Niyazia, Bareilly Sangeet Sammelan at Bareilly(1999)
  • Performance at Shri Ramakishan Mission, Rajkot (2003)
  • Performance for Sangeet Pratibha at Jammu(2005) organized by Sangeet Natak Akademi, NewDelhi
  • He has presented his Flute recital in the concerts arranged & organized by Ankur Kala Samiti, Kala Snehi & in Maha Shiv Ratri Sangeet Sammelan-2002 at Delhi
  • Interviewed on Sahara News, “Subha Savere”, “Evening Live Show” for Doordarshan & “Ubherte Sitar” for DD Bharti.
  • Contact Details

    Pandav Nagar,
    (Near Mother Dairy),
    Delhi: -110092.