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Pratap Kumar

The horizon of the Indian Classical Music will be visualised very shortly, a very bright name in the field of one of the most popular Instrument, the Sarod, the very gifted Pratap Kumar.

Initially groomed by Sri Rabi laha, a senior disciple of Pandit Radhika Mohan Maitra. Pratap has had the great fortune of being a direct Ganda-Bandh Shagird of the Great maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan in the true sense of Gurushishya prampara from 1989.

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Besides being technically rich and melodious in nature his rendition reflects true picture of his mentor in all nuances of the great Gwalior gharana.

He was awarded as a Fellow of Indian Classical Music by the Govt. of India with many other recognitions of this field.

Pratap has performed in all of the major cities of cities of India and also own hearts of his overseas listeners. He has also worked in various musical projects of his Guru and other senior musicians.

With the passage of time, one can hope that will there be yet another Sarodist in the musical scenario who will be a worthy torch bearer of the rich tradition of Indian Classical Music from Gwalior Bangash Sarod Gharana.

Contact Details

2, Sukanta Place,
South Baksara Road,
District Howrah - 711110
West Bengal