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Milind Tulankar [Jaltarang Player]

Milind Tulankar, one of India's finest Jaltarang artistes. Born and brought up in a family with 'Musical Background'. Milind started learning music from a very tender age. His grand father Late Pandit Shankar Kanhere who was a famous Jaltarang player influenced Milind in taking up this unusual dying instrument, the Jaltarang. Along with that Milind is proficient in playing Santoor, Tabla and Harmonium. His mother who is a vocalist has seen to it that along with a good instrumentalist he is a good singer too. Presently he is a disciple of Sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parwez.

Milind has the right backing to showcase his individual capabilities. His efforts to take this melodious instrument ahead from his family are displayed here as you take a deeper look in his professional achievements.

Milind's Grand father and Guru late Pt. Shankarrao Kanhere was an accomplished jalatarang player from satara, a small town in Maharashtra, India. 'A' graded artist of All India Radio. He played in numerous concerts all over India and popularised the instrument. He was trained in music by late Pt. Dattopant Mangalwedhekar from Pandharpur. Aesthetic development of a raga structure and command of rhythm were the highlights of his style. He has written a book on this instrument, published by Sanget-karyalay, Hatharas.

Sample Videos available

  1. Raag Bhinnashadj Bandish Taal:Zaptal (10 beats) on Tabla tarang played by Milind Tulankar
  2. Raag Puriya Dhanashri bandish Zaptal
  3. Raag Puriya Dhanashri bandish zaptal II
  4. Raag Puriya Dhanashri Madhya laya Teental (16 matra/beats)
  5. A very rare Indian classical instrument - Jalatrang by Milind Tulankar in combination with the indian classical dance form -Kathak. This dance symbolizes a mirror
  6. Tabla Tarang Raag Bhinnashadj Madhyalaya teental (16 matra/beats)
  7. Raag Chandrakauns Alaap Jod & Zala I
  8. Raag Chandrakauns Alaap Jod & Zala II
  9. Raag Chandrakauns Alaap Jod & Zala III

Performances and Cassets

  • Several performances at Radio and Television and has been interviewed for his dedication towards an unusual instrument, Jaltarang. Has also performed for All India Radio chain concerts and National program.
  • Has been to Malaysia as a Music Teacher and has performed all over Malaysia.
  • Performed with Ustad Usman Khan's Troupe at International Osho Commune , Pune.
  • Jaltarang concert at Royal Abzar Hall, Dubai and at Colombo, Srilanka.
  • Jaltarang concert for Spic-Macay.
  • Presently working as a Music composer for Film and Television Institute of India , Pune.
  • Music direction for a Pali film 'PUNARUTTHAN'.
  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland tour in 2003
  • Recently two VCDs of Jaltarang were released at the Sawai Gandharwa Music Festival 2004 by Pandit Shivkumar Sharma.


  • Jaltarang - Sehtar (A Persian instrument) by Milind and Mohammed Torabi of France, at Nehru Center, Mumbai.
  • Jaltarang - Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) by Milind and Tim Hoffman of Japan, at Kalachaya, Pune.
  • Santoor - Sitar by Milind and Samuel Das of Malaysia, at Radio-Television Malaysia, Kualalumpur.


  • Has been awarded the SURMANI of Sursingar Sansad , Mumbai.
  • First prize for music direction in National Youth Festival.
  • First prize as a Best Organ Player for Sangeet Sharada at Delhi.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Award for the year 1999.

About Jaltarang

The Jaltarang one of the most rarely heard instruments today. It is one of the oldest instrument in the world. It consists of china bowls filled with water and struck by means of two cane sticks. Earlier, since china clay bowls weren't available, artists used to play this instrument with metal bowls. Each bowl can be tuned to the desired frequency by varying the quantity of water in it. These bowls are placed in a semi-circle arrangement around the player and played. Anicent texts mentioned instruments similar to this. Indian, Greek and Byzantian texts described such an instruments. The Jalatarang has a pleasant characteristic tone. The player can produce on it, classical indian ragas and light melodies as well. gives us an insight into one of India's finest Jaltarang artistes, Milind Tulankar.

Contact Details

T5, Chaitanya Nagari,
Waraje, Pune. 411029.