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Milind Raikar [Violin Artiste]

Milind Raikar was born in December 1964, in a family where music was abounding in Goa. Young master Milind showed a great promise in music from his childhood. He appeared on the stage for the first time as a singer at the age of five. A young artiste Milind showed his musical prodigy as a guitarist as well as a bongo player in the successive years and then he took up the violin to learn Western music and passed grade IV from Trinity College of London under the tutelage of Professor A. P. D'Costa. He had been a part of the troupe of Indian pop star Remo Fernandes.

Even though Milind was learning and performing the western classical, his original inclination remained towards the Indian classical music. Realizing the talent in Milind, his father Mr. Atchut Raikar, a votary of Indian heritage of Classical Music and culture, expressed a wish for his worthy son to take up Indian Classical Music and devote for the cause of it. Milind understood the gravity of his words and from the day, to fulfill his father's dream, young motivated Milind started learning the basics under him and dedicated himself fully to the service of Indian Classical Music. Milind, a committed man to art, puts his all efforts together for the preservation and the augmentation of Indian Classical Music.

Milind believes that originally training received from the scholar musician, Pandit B.S.Math of Dharwad, as the blessings of God, who was fortunately settled in the same town as was Milind. Milind also underwent the training in vocal classical music from Pandit Vasantrao Kadnekar - a disciple of Pandit Ganpatrao Deavskar. As Milind showed extraordinary skills on violin, he was awarded the prestigious scholarship of 'Kala Academy of Goa' to undertake further studies in music.

In the year of 1986, Milind had a privilege to learn advanced Indian Classical Music from Padmashree Pandit D. K Datar - the great, legendary master of violin and a leading exponent of Gwalior Gharana. Pandit D. K. Datar instilled Milind a unique rich cultured treasure of Indian Classical Music and the varieties of superb techniques of violin especially the 'gayaki-ang' (vocal style). It was the turning point in Milind's life towards a matured and legendary solo violinist. Further he was awarded Scholarships from Central Govt in 1993.

Soon after, people started recognizing him as a young master of violin for his perfection over the instrument. It was the grace of almighty that Padmavibhushan GaanSaraswati Smt. Kishori Amonkar - leading exponent of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana, once noticed his rendition and considered to refine him further, under her guidance. Her kind favor and teaching enabled Milind to accompany the unparalleled singer in her concerts. He was lucky to accompany the great vocalist on the violin, at the places like London, Paris. He has also toured Muscat, Tanzania, Mauritius, Seychelles & many more.

His unique style of handling the bow and presentation of 'gayaki-ang' (vocal style) made him a distinguished player apart. He has performed violin solo in many parts of India.

Milind Raikar has a number of First Prizes to his credit. His dream came true when he won the 'Gold Medal' at the All India Radio competition in the year 1989. He was awarded the title "Sur Mani" from Sur Singer Sansad of Mumbai. Milind was also awarded the 'Yuvonmesh Puraskar 2005' by 'Indradhanu Thane'.

Passed Visharad & Alaankar from Ghandharva Mahavidyalaya Miraj. He has been placed B+Grade in All India Radio. He has provided music & sang in a documentary 'In Search of Truth' directed by Rajiv Shah.

Ninaad has released C.D' and Cassette of Milind Raikar under the title of 'Milaap'. Cassettes, CD's & VCD's of GaanSaraswati Kishori Amonkar have been released by different companies, wherein Shri Milind Raikar has accompanied her on the violin.

To inculcate love, interest of violin and to propagate Pandit D. K. Datarji's style of playing violin to younger generation, Milind Raikar has established 'Raykar Academy of Violin- Pandit D. K. Datar Parampara' in June 2006, which is the First of its kind in Mumbai.