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Amano Manish [Indian Slide Guitar Player]

Amano Manish is an extremely talented and gifted slide guitar player hailing from Senia Maihar Gharana (school of music) which was founded by Acharya Baba Allauddin Khan saheb.

In his home town Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Manish started his early music lessons with renowned sarod player Pt. Basant Kabra. Later he had this unique opportunity to learn from legendary Pt. Brijbhushan Kabra, the 'father' of Indian slide guitar. In 1997 after moving to Pune, Manish freshly resumed his musical training from Pt. Shekhar Borkar, a master innovative sarod player from the same gharana. Pt. Borkar inspired him to bring about many changes in the playing techniques of his instrument, eventually helping him to flower in his own style. His renditions are enriched with tuneful intricate glides and melodic phrases blended with various staccato patterns. Amano Manish calls his music a celebration of love and meditation and aspires to share and celebrate this quality in music in his musical journeys to follow...

Indian slide guitar

Indian Slide Guitar, which derives from its original 6-string Hawaiian version, has now been accepted as a complete Indian instrument. It is an unique instrument with an innate capacity to produce fluid melodic slides coupled with warm open-string acoustics. It has a very sweet soothing sound creating a soulful ambience of mystical yearning.

    Amano Manish exclusively offers:
  • Indian Classical Music concerts both solo and also duets with other musicians.
  • Workshops relating to Indian Music and Culture (specially for Western aspirants).
  • Recording projects
  • Fusion concerts a confluence of Eastern and Western musical soundscape.

For further information about Manish and to listen to his music samples, please visit his website: