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Little did any one realize that a young lad from tinsel town in Karnataka, would one day soar high into the limitless sky of his musical fantasies truly like a man possesed. One of the favourite disciples of flute maestro Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. Bapu Padmanabha,affectionately known as “BAPU” has now finally arrived in the muscal scene of the country.

In his college days while studying engineering, he became so much obsessed with his instrument flute that he started treating his idol Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, as his Guru in absentia. Finally in 1999, he could meet his idol who immediately accepted him as his student and then began the long learning process, exploring the vistas of his musical talents and perfecting his own style of playing. Later, Bapu received a monthly scholarship called “Panna Devi Music Scholarship” for a complete year from his Guru Hariprasad Chaurasia.

This was a display of a definite confidence that his guru had instilled in him.His first major performance was at OSHO Samadhi, Pune in September 2001.This proved to be a turning point of his music carrier and he inclined himself towards devotional and relaxing Indian classical music. Bapu soon started performing at major music festivals in India, became a composer for FTII Pune,also regularly playing in the South Indian film industry. The results were rewarding and his first CD “VIVIDHA” was launched in Dec 2004. Since then he has launched few more international albums for Mediation,Relaxation,Fusion,Lounge,etc...which have become very popular with all music lovers.

Presently Bapu is one of the most sought-after musician of the country. Right from composing scores for Kannada movies to playng concerts, both Indian classical and fusion, all over the country he is really making a mark of his own. This is Bapu Padmanabha, a rare musician with immense talent, gift and application - always raring to go...

Bapu Flute.
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