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Vyjayanthi Kashi [Kuchipudi Exponent]

"The strength, Power and Beauty of dance form lies in its ability to integrate the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of mankind."

It is as if saturated with this indomitable spirit of creativity and an intense passion in her search for the sublime, Vyjayanthi Kashi realizes destiny is playing court to her and she is a worthy scion of the legendary stage actor Dr. Gubbi Veeranna.

One of India's most respected classical dancers, Vyjayanthi Kashi is also a choreographer, dance guru, dance therapist, researcher and organizer. Twenty years in the field of dance and now in twilight, Vyjayanthi remains undaunted, vibrant and committed. Well known as the dynamic force in Kuchipudi, she steps to conquer unfettered by anything but dance. She has firmly stamped her arresting presence on the contemporary Kuchipudi scene in an incredibly individualistic and totally personal style.

Her early training was with Guru Ramanna in Bharatanatyam and later specialized in Kuchipudi and Temple Ritual Dances under legendary Gurus Late Guru C.R. Acharyalu, Late Vedantham Prahlada Sharma, Padma Bhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam, Padmashree Vedantham Satyanarayana Sharma, Guru Korada Narasimha Rao and others. Later she also studied Yoga and Martial Arts. Vyjayanthi has conceived and conducted thought provoking workshops, lecture demonstrations, paper presentations and has performed in India, UK, UAE, Germany, Italy, Africa, Singapore, Korea, Spain, Switzerland and other countries. Vyjayanthi Kashi possesses an open mindedness for both the old and new. Her fluid choreography and repertoire of solo and group performances reflect both her Indian heritage and cross cultural experimentations. She has choreographed mythological, historical, Sanskrit and contemporary Ballets.

Vyjayanthi is a creator and a visionary in this art who sees unity in diversity of all artistic endeavors. With a vision to promote artistic and professional excellence she established the Shambavi School of Dance, a premier arts organization in 1993. Vyjayanthi has always envisioned her creativity as a total experience, one that transcends national boundaries. For Vyjayanthi, theatre is the all-encompassing universal vehicle for her creative vision: it expresses life itself in the richness of all its myths and rituals.


Vyjayanthi Kashi became the pioneer in the field of Indian Dance Therapy and founded Shambhavi Dance Center, which opens its door to various Dance, Movement, and Art Therapists, Institutions and Universities to collaborate their therapy projects and act as a referral centre for Asian Dance, Drama, Music, and Yoga Therapy. Her devotion and dedication to special need children elevated her as an Iconoclast in this field. Vyjayanthi has successfully conducted thought provoking Therapeutic workshops for special educators, therapists, mental health professionals, Universities, Special needs institutions in India and Abroad. Through her innovative choreography, she has conceived and efficiently executed "Therapeutic Theatre Projects" which have won international acclaim.

As a Founder and Director of Shambhavi Dance Center she is working as a consultant Dance Therapist and directing Therapeutic Theatre Projects at many special need institutions.Her focus is to carry out diverse-dynamic training programs for special educators, dance therapists, social workers and mental health professionals focusing on unique methodology of Asian Dance, Drama, Music, and Yoga Therapy through innovative and effective Therapeutic Theatre Projects.

Year 2000 - She directed a major Dance Therapy project "Unity is Bliss" (Project duration 2 months) for the mentally and physically challenged. This unique project threw up remarkable possibilities of dealing with cross cultural children with special needs. A series of five performances were held to packed audience. Their brilliance moved audience to tears.

Year 2001 - She presented Therapeutic Theatre Project "Women the Ultimate" from 6000 BC to 2000 AD with hearing impaired and visually impaired children. This Therapeutic Theatre Project left audience enthralled as well as puzzled - enthralled by the sheer beauty and grace of their dance; puzzled because the performers were children who couldn't hear the music and couldn't see, yet were in perfect harmony and excelling in bringing out the deepest emotion. Infusing new creative energy in every project, her resources bring traditional Indian dance therapy accessible to every micro cosmic cell of the body. Through her indefatigable endeavors she has consistently pioneered her work thereby establishing notable presence of "Therapeutic Theatre Project" in India and Abroad.

Year 2002 - She presented Awake a Dance and Theatre Project with Street Children which was an exhilarating and moving experience for all the 53 children.

In the year 2002, she represented India in the World Healers conference held in Germany. In the year 2003 she presented a paper on Indian Dance as a Therpary and performed at the 6th International Festival & Symposium "The Role of Healing in Asia-Pacific Performing Arts" held in Korea in the month of November.

Contact Details

Mrs. Vyjayanthi Kashi
Artistic Director,
Shambavi School of Dance
P.B. No 4017, 601, 9th 'C' Main,
6th Cross, R.P.C. Layout,
Vijayanagar 2nd Stage,
Bangalore - 560040, INDIA