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Vasantha Vaikunth [Bharatnatyam Exponent]

A professional dancer with hundreds of performances to her credit in India and abroad, is a sensitive performer whose association with 'BARATHA NATYAM' began at a very young age under the guidance of Guru Kuppaiah Pillai, of Sri Rajarajeswari Kala Mandir, Bombay. Encouraged by her father, who was the director of Indian Express group of newspaper, and a great lover of fine arts, Vasantha danced with dedication. However she had to give up her dreams as a dancer due to a serious problem in her feet. Being a refined artist that she is, she took up music and veena. Time and place did not stop her from her artistic pursuits, she took up dance again, as if she is born to dance. Smt. Chitra Visweshwaran inspired and encouraged her to restart her career as a dancer. Since then "dance has become a way of life" - says Vasantha with total peace and calm.

A renowned personality in artistic circles, Vasantha Vaikunth gets invited to various cultural seminars and dance conferences held in different parts of the world. She is also well known for her lecture demonstrations, which have attracted people from the west to learn this art form. She visits the U.S. every year for her dance teaching assignments and dance workshops.

Vasantha goes beyond mere dance techniques. She sees dance as a medium for holistic living. She has done extensive research on temple traditions and devadasi system, and has authored a book on dance - "SPIRITUALITY IN DANCE", released in Chennai in the music academy by Mr. T.T.Vasu, received by Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman. She gave a performance in Mumbai at the Nehru centre during the release of her book. Her concert at the Governor's place in Mumbai got the adulation of critics and artists. She lectures on the BAGAWATH GITA and VEDANTA, and has been able to balance her life beautifully between her career, home and the spiritual help she extends to others. She has her own popular column in 'TIMES OF OMAN' on 'LIFE & LIVING'. She is an oil painter and a poetess of repute as her book of poems called "NEGATIVES" feature in the University of Bombay.

Vasantha is hailed as an accomplished individual who is an inspiration to many young aspiring artists. When one asks about her achievements within a short time, she gives all the credit to the almighty and captures the peace and harmony on her face.

Vasantha has been keeping Indian Culture and heritage alive in this part of the world for over 25 years. She is running a dance institution called "Shiva Shakthi School of Dance" in Muscat.

Contact Details

Vasantha Vaikunth,
P.O.Box:3168, PC:112, Ruwi
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: 00968-24695575 Fax:00968-24692500