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Subha Maruvada [Kuchipudi Exponent]

An accomplished artist, Dr. Subha Maruvada has the unique distinction of celebrated excellence in two classical dance techniques of South India - Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam. She began her training in Bharatanatyam at the age of nine initially from Mrs. Esha Bhavanandan and later from Padmabhushan Mrs. Kamala Narayan. She had her Bharatanatyam rangapravesam in 1983, and awarded the titles of "Bharata Kamalarnava Kaustubha", and later "Bharata Nrutyarnava Kaustubha" , at Madison Square Garden for performing in a Ramayana ballet with Mrs. Kamala Narayan. "Graceful movements, charming stage presence, and natural sophistication in Abhinaya" were the words with which Mrs. Kamala Narayan described Subha.

She began her training in Kuchipudi under Dr. Vempati Chinna Sathyam in 1984, has dedicated herself to the art of Kuchipudi. Subha is the first U.S. student for Dr. Vempati Chinna Sathyam, and has performed Kuchipudi Rangapravesam in 1990 in Madras under Guru Vempati Chinna Sathyam. She has also earned a Ph.D in Acoustics from Penn State University.

Dance has always been vital part of Subha's life. She has made a deep commitment to dedicate her life to the art of Kuchipudi with the encouragement of her Guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Sathyam, the acknowledged maestro and foremost exponent of Kuchipudi today. It is her life-time ambition to further propagate Kuchipudi dance style through performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations, and training. She takes her special challenge in teaching this dance form to blind children.

Subha Maruvada gave a sparkling Kuchipudi recital at Kasturi Srinivasa Hall Music Academy, which was marked by fluidity and grace. No wonder considering that she has been trained by none other than Dr. Vempati Chinna Sathyam. "The jathi sequences were matched by her dancing feet and there was never a flase step" said Mr. A.S. Raman about her Rangapravesam performance. She has danced many roles in Kuchipudi dance dramas and undertaken several dance tours throughout North America and India.

Her dance is distinguished for its superb abhinaya (mime), sound rhythm, and impeccable grace. Subha is the founder and artistic director of Kuchipudi Kalakendra.

"Subha presented a striking combination of footwork and mime with ease and grace" wrote a critic in "The Hindu".

Special Project

Aahaarya, Inc. is a newly formed charitable organization registered in the state of Maryland. One of our missions of the organization is to promote the art of Indian Classical Dance and its theory form called Kuchipudi among the children of any origin including blind children.

Aahaarya, Inc. has started a similar project in India with blind children. Dr. Subha Maruvada of Kuchipudi Kalakendra teaches in the tri-states area. We believe that children are surely a gift to us, who are born with a unique identity and unique fortune. None of us can foresee as what their potentials are when they are born. These blind children are able to feel, talk, or express, and may not be able to see through their eyes, they are blind by nature or by unseen disaster. And surely does not mean that they cannot learn other talents where they may learn to love their living, and self. Aahaarya organization is pledged to take up such challenging task, to educate this classical dance form, so these students also shall receive the same divine pleasure as other children, so they also will be able to present their inner born artistic talent, express their presence, and feel the applauds. Dancing is a great therapy for inner attitude within a blind or handicap child. The teacher is willing to come to a location as a group teaching.

Contact Details

Subha Maruvada
founder and Artistic Director of Kuchipudi Kalakendra
213 Grange Hall Dr. Gaithersburg, MD 20877
(301) 448-0719