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Sindhu Kiran

For Ms. Sindhu Kiran it has been just that ever since she was first infatuated by the charm and grace of Mohiniattam and Odissi, the dances of the temptress. And all along, it has been truly an enchanting journey - one led by a quest for perfection and followed by a colorful professional career.

Her tryst with Odissi began at the behest of the legendary Protima Gauri Bedi in 1991 at Nrityagram - the dance village in Bangalore, India. There she studied under the tutelage of Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra and finished her training under the guidance of Guru Ramani Ranjan Jenna. Her pursuit of Odissi did not stop her from the allure of Mohiniyattam. Initiated by the eminent Guru Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma she continued her classical dance training with Mohiniyattam style and technique by renowned Guru Bharati Shivaji. She then mastered the nuances of abhinaya or facial expression from extensive training under Guru Kalanidhi Narayan and Ms. Usha Nangyar.

Her belief in a holistic approach to dance has led her to learn various ancillary skills that have enriched her performing style a great deal.She has learnt ballet from The Eugene Ballet Co. of USA , Trappies from Zue & Anne Dufour of France and Tango from Anne Marie & Rigardo Of Argentina, all artists of great repute. She has imbibed the aesthetics of creative dance from accomplished teachers like Ranjabati Sircar, Daksha Seth. In her endeavour for perfection she has trained in Shorinji Kempo under sensei Kirti and has also dabbled in Aikido with guidance of Julius Aib (Australia). As an avid learner she has attended several workshops ranging from abhinaya to sculpture and mime to Kudiyattam hosted by experts like Kalanidhi Narayanan, John Devraj, Gracious Devaraj and Kalamandalam Usha Nangyar among others.

An accomplished artiste of both Mohiniattam & Odissi, she has performed extensively all over India, Europe and South East Asia with innumerable performances at major cultural programs. Backed by her professional experience of over a decade now, she has composed and choreographed dance items for distinguished national and international events. She is also an endearing teacher herself, and has taught and participated in several dance workshops. She is the recipient of National Scholarship For Young Artistes awarded by the department of HRD, govt. of India in 2000. Incidentally she is a Ceritified Yoga teacher and actively practices the Indian martial art Kalaripayattu as well. She also plays the Indian Classical instrument Veena with much enthusiasm.

Mohiniattam and Odissi, for Sindhu Kiran have not been just a flights of fancy but are extensions of her very self and add profound meaning to her being. They are poetic expressions of life's variegated moods by creating a world of ethereal existence. From years of ceaseless practice and the commitment to perfection she is able to translate the eternal beauty and rhythm of these dances into her brilliant performances on stage. Through manifold body movements, delicate footwork, intricate eye gestures and subtle facial expressions she recreates the mystique of the mythical enchantress in the minds of the the discerning audience, leaving them spellbound each and every time.