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Sanyogeeta Patil

Nrityachandrika Sanyogeeta Patil is a renowned, charismatic and a dedicated Bharatnatyam dancer, widely acclaimed for the devotion and perfection which she has imparted to this classy and artistic form to Bharatnatyam in India.

She was born to Shobha Patil who didn’t knew much and had a minuscule background of dance, music or art but at the same time she had immense attraction to classical dance. This mother had aspired to have a daughter and make her a perfectionist in classical and Indian dance and the same turned true on 15 th August, 1987, the day when Sanyogeeta come into this world.

The journey to get her daughter Sanyogeeta Patil into Bharatnatyam was not a smooth ride. A few months after her birth the mother got separated from her husband and tried to make both ends meet with lots of toils, turmoil and financial pressures.In spite of all this she didn’t give up and made her daughter watch “All Indian classical dance concerts” on regular basics. This exercise was intentionally done to arouse in her the like and affection for this dance form and her mother from the beginning had left no stone unturned to educate and create awareness of this art form through her teachings like this, simultaneously by this time Sanyogeeta had developed a taste and unmatched liking towards Bharatnatyam.

By the age of 12 Sanyogeeta was all prepared to get her lesson in classical singing, Kathak and Bharatnatyam. This was done meticulously to check her inclination towards a particular field. She was enrolled at “Deval Club” Kolhapur, the most revered platform for art, drama & dance, to get the best classical singing teachings and Kathak. The lessons in Bharatnatyam were undertaken by Mrs. Amruta Jambolikar.

After a span of two years Sanyogeeta discontinued her singing sessions and in the next year or so she even gave up her Khaytak & dedicatedly immersed herself in the fountain of Bharatnatyam dance form . By this time she had mastered her talent and sharpened her skills to such a level that she was doing solos, concerts and individuals performances in just one year’s time.

At the age of 15, during her 10th std, she had done the first shown at an inauguration ceremony of Kolhapur’s Municipal Corporation’s Anniversary event. She had very well focused the dance theme through Kathak & Bharatnatyam, depicting the popularity in dance of North Indian & South Indian. This show had won her a standing ovation and accolades across Kolhapur.

After this adrenaline event, her mother thought of not resting on laurels and planned to get Sanyogeeta in-depth Knowledge & training in Bharatnatyam which made her introduce to a renowned Guru Shri P. T. Ravindra at Belgaum, where began her further education. Though Sanyogeeta stayed at Kolhapur to complete her secondary & higher secondry education but frequently moved to Belgaum for 3 months during vacations to train herself in Bharatnatyam with her guru.

Gradually Sanyogeeta learned all the nuances, the heart & soul of Bharatnatyam in all her vigor & spirit. She initiated a drive to prorogate and to promote Bharatnatyam in Kolhapur, which then didn’t have much awareness in Kolhapur, by performing non stop from sunrise to sunset for 13 hours at a stretch on 24 th July 2007. This was the first attempt by any dancer from Maharashtra, India. Just complimenting this event was her other commendable achievement of performing non stop for incredible 55 hours and 15 minutes at a dance party, which showcased her determination, prowess and will to succeed.

During the same period she also appeared for her Bachelors degree in Psychology & Bharatnatyam’s Akhil Bhartiya Gandharv Mahavidyalay’s degree examination. She had also completed her two year diploma examination in Bharatnatyam through Shivaji University.

She had very well given her enthralling performance at Kala Academy Goa, Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Natya Samelan- Dombivali, Mahalaxmi Navratsov- Kolhapur, Shahu Mahotsav- Jaisingpur, Vijay Durga Mahotsav. Importantly she has been endowed with “Whisper Choice Prerna Award-06” by Mumbai Doordarshan on a state level and by Delhi Doordarshan on National Level.

On many an occasion she has been felicitated by prominent dignitaries for her outstanding contribution and upbeat performance and some of the personalities who need a mention are Mr. R R Patil vice chief Minister of Maharashtra, film director Ashitosh Gowarikar, film star Suniel Shetty and others. She has even been conferred with the honour of “Nritaya Chandrika” by a judging organization in Sangli.

She is also a solo performer in my of the national episodes of “Sur baje payal saje”.

Today she is disseminating the charm and knowledge of Bharatnatyam by teaching in Shivalaya Nritya Mandir to all the budding and upcoming aspirants.

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101, Nabar Sankul,
Main Road, Rajarampuri 5th Lane,
Kolhapur 416008.
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