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Rani Khanam [Kathak Exponent]

Rani Khanam is one of the foremost Kathak exponents of India. With her immense talent, a total belief in herself and the courage to follow her intuition, she is a highly respected Kathak dancer and choreographer today. Rani Khanam trained under Pandit Birju Maharaj and Reba Vidyarthi for 15 years. She graduated with top honours in the Lucknow Style.

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Rani has also become the first Muslim dancer to perform choreography based on Islamic verses, to highlight how Hindu art forms fused with the Islamic during the Mughal period in India. For excellence in her field Rani Khanam has been honoured with many awards.

She has been performing regularly in reputed national and international festivals for two decades and has directed and choreographed many dance productions that have been internationally acclaimed. At present she is the Director of Aamad Academy where she conducts master classes. A respected Guru, Rani Khanam has cultivated and groomed some of the finest Kathak dancers in India & abroad. She is received one of the prestigious award ACC Fellowship Grant from New York for World Dance and Islamic Culture.

Contact Details

Mobile: 9810465046, 9811340308
Phone No: 91-120-3940777