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Raghunath Manet [Bharatnatyam & Veena Exponent

Raghunath Manet is most probably the only Indian artist performing both in Dance (bharata natyam) and music (veena player). The great vidwans like Umayalpuram Sivaraman, Guruvayur Durai. T.K. Murthy, Palghat Raghu, Tiruvarur Bakthvatchalam, Hari Shankar, Subbash Chandra, Munish, Madurai T.Srinivasan, E.M Subbramaniam have accompanied him for his CD's.

Born in the former colony of Pondicherry, Raghunath Manet, known as a veena player, dancer. He studied dance under the tutelage of late Pondicherry M.S Nathan, Kalakshetra, Ram Gopal, vocal music at the tender age under his grand father Gnanamani Pillai and veena under Gurus Chidambaran Kaumati Sankara Iyer, Rajeshwari Padmanaban and Ranganayaki Rajagopalan.

His technique and the purity if his styles have made him one of the finest exponents of Bharata natyam, our most ancient dance form. An excellent musician, he knows how to create a perfect fusion between music and dance which is the secret of his great classical art. His dance movements spun out different adavus with the beauty & grace of temple sculpture come alive.

Raghunath's inspiration from temple carvings has taken him to great heights of creativity in the form of dance and music. Devoting his energies to a deep study of traditional dance repetoire, he has given life to many forgotten dance gestures. His movements based on his observation of Shiva's postures as represented in ancient temple scriptures make up the greater part of his public shows and other superior aesthetic pleasure. His movements are marked with extreme swiftness, grace, virility and a mysterious lightness.
Raghunath Manet Kathak exponent

In 1998 Manet founded the dance and music school TALA SRUTI in Pondicherry and showed his graceful silhouette all over the world, appearing in festivals. In 1991, he was the first Indian Choreographer to work on "Les pecheurs de perles" produced by Antoine Bourseiller of the Opera in France.

Raghunath is the recipient of Scholarships fellowships & several titles ("Natiya Siromani","Natya Nayakan","Natya Parani") for his outstanding services to Indian Art at a tender age under his grand father Gnanamani Pillai and veena under Gurus Chidambaram Kaumati Sankara Iyer, Rajeswari Padmanaban and Ranganayaki Rajagopalan.

He has also received Gold Medal & 1st Class Diploma, CHEVALIER Award from the French Ministry. Raghunath Manet is the First Indian dancer to have performed at the Opera De Paris and The Opera of Turin. He has acted in Films: Acted with Jean-Pierre Leaud, Chiarra Mastroianni, Franco Battiato... He is Doctored in Cultural Anthropology and has written 3 books.

1) "Les Bayaderes" - about Villinour temple dancers (prefaced by Alain Danielou)
2) "Bharata Natyam" - (prefaced by Caroloyn Carlson)
3) "Musique Carnatique" - about Karnatic music (prefaced by Dr. Balamurali Krishna).

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