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Raghunandan [Bharatanatyam]

A young & talented male Bharatanatyam artist, Raghu Nandan S. comes from a family of artistes & scholars. Son of Smt. Geeta [Veena artist] & Guru Shyam Prakash [Bharatanatyam exponent], RaghuNandan had his initial training in Bharatanatyam since his childhood.

He further got his intensive training under his grandfather Guru Shri H.R Keshava Murthy at ‘Keshava Nritya Shala’ a 60 year old institute founded by him.

Practicing & performing Bharatanatyam for more than a decade and a half, Raghunandan has received critical appreciation and won laurels for his solos, duets, group performances, as well as dance dramas and productions.

Since childhood, he has been fortunate enough to get exposure to learn and master classical instruments such as ‘Mridangam’ & ‘Veena’. He has been very enthusiast and sincere towards understanding, learning and researching on Indian literature of Sanskrit & Kannada languages.

A 1st grade student Raghunandan has successfully passed the Vidwath grade of Examination conducted by KSEEB, Karnataka. A graduate in Telecommunication Engineering from Sir MVIT, Bangalore RaghuNandan has also successfully completed his Rangapravesham. To enrich himself with in depth knowledge of this ancient Indian dance form, at present he is pursuing his M.F.A. [Classical dance] from Kalai Kaveri University – Trichi.

A software engineer working with companies such as Wipro & Sakhatel, Raghunandan feels proud of sharing & spreading his love for the rich arts by imparting education as a teacher at the dance institutions of Keshava Nritya Shala & Yelahanka at Bangalore.

A performer of high caliber, Raghunandan has got the opportunity to showcase his talent by performing in various festivals organized by the Government as well as various institutions. He has won the appreciation of the connoisseurs by taking lead roles in dance productions.

He has brought credit to the institutions winning the recognition of Press and critics by presenting his solo performances all over Karnataka and outside as well as a duet dancer performing on many occasions.

He has the credit for performing for the Doordarshan and he has actively participated in more than 25 dance dramas./p>

Apart from performing, Raghunandan as a young choreographer has choreographed various dance ballets & group productions such as “Parivarthane”,“Purandhara Pallavi”, and “Nrithya Jatre”.

As a teacher Raghu Nandan has been imparting the divine fragrance of Bharatanatyam for the aspiring students of Yelahanaka for over 3 years who have successfully performed and have won appreciation of one and all. One of his students has recently completed her Ragnapravesham in the year 2009.

At his directorial ventures he has directed “Rama Bharata Samagama”, “Mahatyagi”.

Other productions include:

  • Tripatti"- A carnival of Trio Dance, a unique experiment in the field of Bharatanatyam, which explores and spreads the fragrance of Trio Dance drawing inspiration from the deep roots of Bharatanatyam prevalent in India over the centuries.
  • Kala Sangam is a tribute to the 2 Indian classical dance forms—Bharatanatyam & Odissi. It is an aesthetic symphony as well as a sublime journey which aims at providing entertainment as well as education. It is a representation of the ancient dance forms with a new vision and energy. It is a noble experiment with the essence of the rich traditional imbibed with innovative aspects. Showcasing the oriental structure drawn from the Indian temple culture, we present a mirror of religious & philosophical blend citing the similarities & distinctions between the two genres.

He has been awarded by the “Abhinay Best Youth Classical Dancer “, 2007, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. Following is the list of his presentations including details:

Dance Performances of Raghunandan


  1. Bharatanatyam Senior 9-11-2000
  2. Rangapravesham 27-10-2001
  3. Bharatanatyam Vidwath 2003

Solo Performances

  • Navaraspur Festival- Bijapur ( National Cultural Centre- Nagpur)
  • Every Wednesday Cultural Evening Programme (Dept of Kannada & Culture)
  • Every Friday Cultural Evening Programme (Dept of ICCR & Kannada & Culture)-2005
  • Nataraja Nrithyatsava (Vasundhara Performing Arts,Mysore-2002 & 2009).
  • The Indian Institute Of World Culture –2001
  • Natarajotsava-2003 (Karnataka Nrithya Kala Parishat)
  • Nataraja Nrithyatsava (Keshava Samskruthi Sabha)
  • Parampara-2005 (Ponnaiah Lalitha kala Academy)
  • Performance at Udupi Temple (Adamaru Matt)
  • World Environment’s Day-09 (Purva School of Bharatanatyam, Vadodara - Gujarat )
  • Programes of keshava Nrithya Shala
  • Samskruthi Utsav
  • Youth Dance Festival-2002, 2003,2004 (Organized by V.T.U)
  • Programmes at Cottage Industries.
  • Dance Ballet-Rama Charita-2002,

Duet Performances

  • Raghu Nandan & Lakshmi- Natarajotsava 2000 , Bangalore.
  • Raghu Nandan & Namrata – KNS & Samskruthi Bhavan Productions
  • Raghu Nandan & Shuba – Nrithya Deepika 2006, Bangalore.
  • Raghu Nandan & Vidya Venkataram – Keshava Nrithyanjali, Bangalore
  • Raghu Nandan & Shruthi T G – Hejje Gejje Program , Udupi
  • Raghu Nandan & Shruthi T G – Keshava Samskruthi Sabha ,Bangalore
  • Raghu Nandan & Vidya Venkataram – Bangar Festival, Bangalore
  • Raghu Nandan & Thejaswini – Yuva Saurabha-2008 ( Dept. of Kannada and Culture).
  • Raghu Nandan & Shruthi – Keshava Dance Festival -09.
  • Raghu Nandan & Shruthi – Hanumad Jayanthi (Anjaneya Swami Temple).
  • Raghu Nandan & Meera – Yuva Saurabha-2009 ( Dept. of Kannada and Culture).
  • Raghu Nandan & Manasi Pandya – Kala Sangam – 2009 Bangalore.

Trio Performances

  • Raghu Nandan , Swathi, Shruthi – Tripatti 2008 , Bangalore.
  • Raghu Nandan, Nagesh, Anil – Natarajotsava 2008 , Bangalore

Few Important Dance Dramas: (Kannada)

  • “ Bharata Bahubali”-Bangalore, Mysore, Hosdurga, Hampe, Hospet,Koppala,Doordarshan-Bangalore.
  • “Shiva Shakti”-Bangalore.
  • “Sri Rama Patthabhishekam”- Bangalore.
  • “Pampa Ramayana”- Bangalore.
  • “Yashidhara Charite”-Bangalore.
  • “Kare Bhantana Kaliga” (Demonstration)-Bangalore.
  • “Kadambari”-Bangalore
  • “Purandhara Krishna”-Bangalore.
  • “Basaveshvara”- Bangalore,Belgaum,Yediyur.
  • “Girija Kalyana”-Bangalore,Mysore.
  • “Sri Krishna Tulabhara”- Bangalore, Mysore, Hochihalli.
  • “Kaveri Vybhava”-Goa,Hampe,Bangalore,Thiruchinapalli.
  • “Bahubali” – President Program-Mysore, Tumkur, Chikkamangalur,Sargur.
  • “Parvathi Koravanji”-Bangalore, Srirangapatna.
  • “Sathya Harishchandra”-Bangalore.
  • “Prabhu Linga Leela”-Bangalore.
  • “Kumara Vyasa Bharata”- Bangalore.
  • “Gaimini Bharata”- Bangalore.
  • “Rukmini Parinaya”-Bangalore.
  • “Dasa Rasamritha”-Hampe,Delhi,Bangalore.
  • “Kanaka Vaibhava “- Bangalore.
  • “Vishvamitra Gayathri”- Chennai.
  • “Mohana Tarangini”- Bangalore.
  • “Chaitrada Phalguna Darshana”- Mysore.
  • “Sarvagna Vachanaamritha”- Bangalore.
  • “Rajashekara Vilasa”- Bangalore.
  • “Shila Tapaswini”-Bangalore.


  • “Rama Bharata Samagama”-1998,Bangalore.
  • “Mahatyagi”-1999,Bangalore

Dance Dramas:

  • “Parivarthane”-2004,Bangalore.
  • “Purandhara Pallavi”-2006,Bangalore.
  • “Nrithya Jatre”-2008, Folk Dances of Karnataka, Bangalore,


  • Tripatti -A carnival of Trio Dance. – 2008 Bangalore
  • Kala Sangam – An aesthetic Symphony – 2009 – Bangalore
  • Teaching: Keshava Nritya Shala – and branches as well as Yelahanka – Bangalore.
  • And the journey continues………………………………

    Contact Details

    Rama dhama,
    #2973/A 13 th Main C Block,
    2nd stage Rajajinagar,
    Bangalore 560021