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P T Narendran [Bharatnatyam Dancer]

P.T. Narendran has already made his name in Asia as well as in Europe. He has been working not only on classical bharatanatyam but also modern dance projects, from Kalakshetra to Maurice Bejart. Narendran impresses his audience with deep understanding of bhava (emotion) and abhinaya (expression). His sense of rhythm makes the spectators move. As a dancer with masculine aspects he makes his performances a memorable aesthetic experience. He graduated from Rukmini Devi's Kalakshetra, that he joined at the age of 11.

Since 1989 he has been one of the principal dancers of Kalakshetra dance troupe. Narendran participated at most of the major festivals in India and abroad. To mention a few: Festival of India in USSR, Festival of Avignon (France),Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Thailand etc. He has been also performing as a soloist in India, Malaysia, South Africa, Reunion, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland.

Apart from teaching in Kalakshetra (1989-1998), his educational work includes lecture demonstrations and workshops in different institutions abroad: University of Education in Heidelberg, Protestant Academy in Bad Boll, University of Witten, Germany, Maurice Bejart "Rudra" in Lausanne, Switzerland.

His choreographic work embraces not only bharatanatyam repertoire, but also theatre productions and contemporary dance projects. He worked as an assistant choreographer for the "Ramayana" ballet with produced by the Office Department de la Culture Reunion (1994) . Narendran also worked as a trainer in mime and expression at the modern theatre Talipot in Reunion and choreographed for their production "Ma" (1995). He choreographed "Manasarovar" (Sacred Lake) a contemporary production based on bharatanatyam with the participation of artists of Reunion (organised by the Office Departmentde la Culture for the 50th Anniversary of Indian Independence 1998). He did choreography for a contemporary dance ballet "Yoga Sutra", which was a combination of bharatanatyam, ballet, Afro Cuban dances and Yogasanas (Germany, 1999). He worked as a choreographer for "Natya Yoga" a contemporary dance production based on yoga combining bharatanatyam, Chhau, modern dance, painting and poetry (Reunion, 2000). He choreographed "Indian Monsoon" dance project (with shadow puppetry and story telling) and performed it in various cities in U.K. In July 2001 Narendran performed in one of Bejart productions in Genova.

Contact Details

No 32 B/C1 Rams Flats,
4th Sea Ward Road,
Valmiki Nagar
Madras 600 041, India