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Padmaja Suresh [Bharatnatyam Exponent]

Smt. Padmaja Suresh is an established exponent and teacher of Bharatanatyam. She has had extensive training from top most Gurus of the country covering a wide spectrum in dance, music, choreography and nattuvangam and has been utilizing her god-given talents to coincide both creativity and purity. Having started under Smt. Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi at the age of 4, she acquired the gracefully dynamic Tanjore style bestowed by none other than the stalwart Sri K. Kalyanasundaram of Sri Rajarajeshwari Kalmandir over 16 years. Later, she was honed in Abhinaya skills by Sri Mahalingam Pillai of Sri Rajarajeshwari Kalamandir and Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan. She hails from a family of renowned artistes, her great-grandfather, the legendary Maddalam Sri.Vengichen and father, Chakyar Kootu Sri.K.K.Rajan.

Her traditional and contemporarily related dance productions have won her acclaim throughout the country and abroad including the U.K., Germany, France, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Nepal, China, Australia and New Zealand, the USA and Canada. Her style that blends the classical with the modern, whether poetry or social issues, ensures approbation from varied sections of audience. She has danced for songs in various languages depending on the audience and place of presentation like Hungarian,Chinese,Hebrew besides several Indian languages and dialects. Her lec-dems and workshops, focussing on Arts awareness and appreciation through Newspaper-in-Education Programs of leading papers for school children are very popular.She has conducted workshops at dance departments of Universities like Queensland,Australia and Weinstate,USA. She has performed at national level festivals like Hampi, Konark, SNA Mahotsav, Uday Shankar Utsav, Spirit Of Unity Concerts extensively in India and centers like Nehru Center, UK, Tagore Center, Berlin and Hall of Nations, Detroit. She has been critically acclaimed by leading reporters and art critics of the press in India and abroad.

The revered dance critic Sri.Subbudu wrote-"Looking back at the festival,Padmaja of Sri.Rajarajeshwari was easily the most outstanding.Shorn of inhibition and totally versed in the art,she makes her way into the hearts of the audience."

She was delegated in April 2003 to Hungary, Spain and Germany by the ICCR on a cultural mission. She has become an esteemed member of the International Dance Council, a wing of UNESCO. Her paper "Relevance of Dance in Modern Society" was accepted and presented at the Congress. Padmaja is a Commerce and Law graduate, holds a diploma in Choreography, a Masters in Philosophy and aspires to pursue a Doctorate interlinking Arts and Philosophy. Her institution, Kalpataru Kalavihar conducts training in classical arts including dance, vocal and instrumental music. Her institute has many aspiring students in music and dance and has a wing that offers training to selected underprivileged children. Involved in propogating Indian performing arts,has carved a niche for itself. The academy has reputed teachers for Bharatanatyam, classical vocal and instrumental music ..The Academy organizes seminars, lec-dems to promote younger generation of artistes. The library contains reference books, manuscripts, tapes of shows facilitating training and research. Strongly believing that 'teaching is the art of assisting discovery', the students are encouraged to learn allied art forms and aquire skills to be able to compose and choreograph themselves, after a certain level of learning.

The traditional and contemporarily related dance productions, popular solo and group works include Riru Sringara, Nava Darshanam, HariharpranamM, Bheejam, Sarpeva Jivha, God's Comrade and many others that have wide appeal to a variety of audience ,irrespective of language, religious or regional barriers. Strongly believing that 'teaching is the art of assisting discovery', the students are encouraged to learn allied art forms and aquire skills to be able to compose and choreograph themselves, after a certain level of learning. The Academy has an important objective of contributing to social upliftment through the medium of dance and music. Talents of the economically weak is being nurtured and brought to the knowledge of the public as well. The charitable wing Aatmalaya, under the project Kalpataru Kalachaitanya, takes up training of selected underprivileged children in music and dance belonging to various Government schools and slum rehabilitation centers.

Contact Details

Kalpataru Kalavihar,
2nd main,
Bangalore 560020 .Ph-080 23343393