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Ayswaria Wariar [Mohiniattam Exponent]

Smt. Ayswaria Wariar, a talented dancer, choreographer and teacher hails from a family of artistes. She was initiated into the art of Classical Dance at the tender age of 5 by her mother Smt. Sreebala Menon , who herself is a trained dancer and singer. Ayswaria Wariar was later trained in 'Bharatanatyam' by Guru Shri Mohanraj of Abhinaya Academy. At 12 years, she began to learn 'Mohiniattam' from Guru Shri Udyogamandal Vikraman, Bombay. Having performed her 'Arangetram' in both the styles by the age of 14, Ayswaria Wariar went on to give various performances in-and-around Bombay. After devoting 10 years to training in Mohiniattam, she further learnt 'Bharatanatya' under the able guidance of Guru Smt. Sucheta Bhide Chapekar, Pune.

Her quest for furthering her knowledge also led her to seek guidance from 'Kalamandalam Saraswati' , Kerala.

Smt. Ayswaria Wariar earned her degree of Masters in Bharatanatyam under prof. Sucheta Bhide Chapekar (Pune University).
Today, Ayswaria Wariar trains aspiring talents in both the dance styles of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam at her institute, Nrityodaya 'School for Classical Dance' (A Regd. Charitable Trust) The students here, not only learn to dance, but are also given an opportunity to perform at various functions. Ayswaria Wariar encourages and supports her students by presenting them alongwith her, in various performances on stage.

In her performances, Ayswaria Wariar believes in being innovative within the traditional framework. She presents the traditional piece, as well as her own new choreography in her repertoire. Considering that today, Classical dance performers and viewers are not restricted to the state of origin of the dance form alone, she has adopted compositions other than the traditional. In addition to giving solo performances, Ayswaria Wariar has also composed 'ballets' incorporating both the dance styles, and group choreographies in Mohiniattam.

Ayswaria Wariar maintains the stylistic beauty and individual differences of both the sister dance styles, promoting them equally, but at the same time enjoys bringing them together on the same stage.

In addition to her chosen career of Classical Dance, Ayswaria Wariar has also been very active in Malayalam Theatre. She has also freelanced as an art critic for various English newspapers and even carried her own column in one of the leading English newspapers in Indore.


  • Deepchandrika - Indore.
  • The Leela's celebrations on completion of a decade, Bombay.
  • SICA, Indore
  • ASIA, Ahmedabad
  • Lalit Kala Kendra, Pune
  • Centre for Advance Training, Indore
  • National Seminar on Folk, Art & Literature, Gujarat.
  • ISCON, Baroda
  • EME's Janmashtami Celebrations, Baroda
  • Hampi festival - Bangalore
  • No. of other Temple Performances

In addition, Ayswaria Wariar has also conducted a no. of lecture-demonstrations at various renowned institutions and seminars.

Contact Details

204 Marigold Apartments,
New Sama Road,
Baroda- 390 008
Tel : 2713170
Mbl : 9227102213