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Archana Kumar [Kathak Exponent]

Archana Kumar has been understanding dance for nearly 16 years & still continuing, her background starts with Indian Classical Dance, trained in Baratanatyam (South Indian) for 7 years & then Kathak (North Indian) since 96 at Natya Institute of Kathak & Choreography, Bangalore, India. She was part of STEM Contemporary Dance (Bangalore India), touring nationally & performed at the prestigious festival - Vasantahabba '03. Moving to Seattle in 2000 allowed her to explore deeper on the techniques of modern dance & improvisation. She has worked with talented choreographers of Seattle such as Amy ONeal, Cyrus Khambatta & Karn JunkinSmith. Summer '03 she formed the Manasarovar Kathak for beginners of all ages & backgrounds. She has conducted several 101 classes & lecture demos in Seattle colleges & schools and at the Bangalore University as a visiting artist on Kathak, beginning Modern Dance & Yoga. She holds a B.S. in Biology & Psychology. She is currently the Dance Wing lead of local Indian Association-Pratidhwani.

She also formed the Z.A.Ensemble with co-dancer Ying Zhou. Their unique Duo combination create dance theater works that explore how we live in a world where diverse cultures constantly collide and transform each other. Coming from China and India, Ying and Archana met in modern dance classes in Seattle in 2002. They share a strong interest to integrate different cultures and techniques. Their works are sourced from personal experiences as female immigrants, draw on their rich and unique cultural heritages, and combine a wide range of movement vocabulary. These works have been well received both at avant-garde performance venues and cultural events organized by minority activist groups.

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906, 223rd PL NE Sammamish WA-98074, USA