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Meera Das [Odissi Exponent]

Meera Das had the propensity for the art form since her childhood; her untiring endeavour and single-minded devotion paved the way for her commendable success. Meera believes that by adhering to our rich Odissi culture, we can bring about developments of the long neglected dance form and work upon spreading Odissi Dance in all parts of the globe. There has to be efforts by all the contemporary dancers to elevate Odissi dance form and spread the light of Knowledge.

In her own endeavor to spread the message Meera has taken significant steps in the right direction. Her institution, the Gunjan Dance Academy enlightens individuals of various age groups about Orissi Dance and music. Students under her tutelage aim at keeping Odissi Tradition alive and at the same time enrich the minds of the people by adding innovative ornamentation. One of the most propitious and fortunate event in recent history of Orissa has been the revival of Odissi dance and music, which was dying a slow but a sure death. Meera considers herself blessed that she came into the world at a time, when Odissi Dance had taken rebirth thanks in large measure to the pioneering efforts of Guru Pankaj Charan Das, Guru Kelu charan Mohapatra, Guru Debi Prasad Das, Guru Banamali Maharana, Sanjukta Panigrahi and a few others.

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