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Ambili Chidangil

Ambili. The talented artist was born on 19th September 1982 in the village Mangad, Kannur district Kerala State.Synonimously depicting.Ambili represents the Moon that in intervals showers the Soothing light in the matted hair by Lord Siva himself.

Daughter of Sri C.Kunhiraman and Smt. Chandramathi She has been a passional student of Classical Dance since the age of three. She learned her early lessons in this art form from Smt. Kalamandalam Vimala Devi. After 9 years of intense dedication there, she continued her learning with Guru Nainthara Mahadevan, Kalamandalam Saraswathgi and Kalamandalam Latha. Now she is specializing in Bharathanatyam under the guidance of Shree Nrithysavibhooshan Ratheesh Babu. Bhilai and at a time she is doing her M.Phil in Bharathanatyam from Kerala Kalamandalam.

She passed her Ma. In bharathanatyam from Indira Kalasangeeth Viswavidyalaya Khairagarh (1st Division). She is awarded with Kalathilak 2007(Kerala Samajam Durg),And prestigious Kalathuilak award 1994,1995 and 1996 for outstanding pwrformence in Bharathanatyam , Kuchippudi, Ottanthullal, Folkdance and Kathakali sangeeth in Kerala School Youth Fest.Wom Gold medal in the 12th and 13th Consequte years in the National Youth Festival 2007 ans 2008 organised by ministry of youth affairs and Govt of India held in Pune and Chennai for her performance in Kuchippudi and Bharathanatyam.

She is an empanelled artist for Indian Council for Culturel Relations (ICCR) Govt. of India.Awarded with NRITHYABHOOSHAN by Utkal Yuva Sabnskruthik Sangh Cuttuck ,Orissa 2008.Now persuing Mphi l in Bharathanatyam from kerala Kalamandalam.

She humbly aspires to be on the zenith of perfection with her uncompromising saga of sacrificial commitment.

Contact Details

36 ayodhyavihar
Street 21 smrithinagar
Bhilai Durg 490020(CG)