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Gauri Jog [Kathak Exponent]

Gauri Jog Kathaka exponent

Dance is my passion. I was so determined to learn dance I literally
dragged my dad to a dance school when I was seven. The year was 1977 and
it happened at Nagpur, India. That is where I met my guru Mr. Madan
Pande. He is follower of Jaipur Gharana and taught me basic techniques
of Kathak and folk dancing. After learning Kathak for about 10 years I
passed my Visharad from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai in 1988. This is
equivalent to a graduate degree. Along with dance I used to perform in a
theatre and staged various dance dramas. I choreographed my first dance
when I was 15 for the childrens theatre.

Since then I never looked back. I performed at countless occasions, won
so many awards at various competitions, and certainly earned a name. My
achievements were widely covered by local media at Nagpur.

I soon realized that to become successful dancer, choreographer and
director I needed basic knowledge of other instruments and music. So I
learned Tabla, Harmonium and Singing.

I also learned Kathak from Mrs. Lalita Hardas to hone my skills further
in developing my expressions and choreography.

I completed my formal education earning graduate degree in Home Science
followed by post graduate degree in Food Science and Nutrition. Later I
also completed a graduate course in Education to become a certified

I migrated to US in 1998 and started my own dance school in 1999. I
started with just few girls and expanded my activities every year since
then. I continued performing in US at various places. Since the
education is never enough, I kept attending short term workshops with
Ms. Madhurita Sarang of Mumbai and Mr. Birju Maharaj of Delhi.

My gifted grace, good educational background and interest in teaching
had helped me in becoming a successful dance performer, choreographer
and director of a dance school.

Major Performances

Jhansi Ki Rani in June 2005 at Schaumburg, IL: The basic idea of the program was to portray life of brave queen of Jhansi. There were more than 40 dancers in the age group of four to fifty and they performed Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Ballet, and folk dances.

Cultural Program in May 2006 at Lincolnshire, IL: We performed this
program to entertain our seniors and all the people working for them.
More than 15 girls and their parents showed their commitment to the
community by performing various dances. Girls performed on classical
Kathak, Fusion, Bollywood. This was appreciated by all the present.

Chitram in May 2006 at Detroit, Michigan: It is a spectacular musical
theatre production staged by Kanniks Kannikeswaran of Cincinnati. Gauri
Jog was invited to perform at this elaborate performance consisting of
30 musicians and dancers.

Classical Dance Festival in May 2006 at Aurora, IL: The highlights of
this program include Mira Bhajan and a beautiful dance based on a semi
classical gazal. The choreography, selection of music and performance by
all girls was much appreciated by audience.

Multi Cultural Fair in April 2006 at Palatine, IL: This multi cultural
event was arranged by school district and India was represented by our

Shanti: A Journey of Peace in March 2006 at Cincinnati, Ohio: This
acclaimed choral multi-media theater production featured a 150 - member
choir, a chamber orchestra and an ensemble of Indian instruments. To the
packed audience of 2600 our school was invited for a dance fusion with
Bharatnatyam. "Shanti" was conceived and created by Kanniks

Community Ram Lila in October 2005 at Lemont, IL: On the occasion of
Dussehra, the Hindu Temple arranged dance ballet on Ramayana. We
performed three major items. The first dance described Sri Ram's
childhood by eight students. The interaction between king Dashrath and
queen Kaikayee was represented by Jugalbandi between Kathak and
Bharatnatyam. Our school also received much appreciation for staging
"Lezim" dance, a popular folk dance from Maharashtra.

Fund Raising Dinner in May 2005 at Lemont, IL: To raise fund for
community we perform many events throughout the year. This was one of
the programs where our school participated.

Ganesh Utsav in September 2004 at Chicago, IL: The two renowned Indian
dance-forms Bharatnatyam from the south and Kathak from the north were
weaved into the same string of rhythm, giving it the feeling of oneness.
Each dancer leads and then follows in a game of challenge. Performed by
Gauri Jog and Anuya Wagh.

Hanuman Jayanthi in May 2003 at Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago: This
was a annual class program of our school. More than 50 students
participated in the program. The program had notable items like
"Dhingali", Bhajans, pure Kathak, bollywood dances, "Tabla" duets,
classical vocal.

Composers Day in December 2002 at Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago: Gauri
Jog preformed the classical song "Aaj Shyam Murali Bajayee" by Birju
Maharaj. Gauri also performed on "Tarana" - a vocal style in Indian
music that is sung in a fast tempo using meaningless syllables which are
very rhythmic in nature.

Contact Details

Indian Dance School by Gauri Jog
2200 Briar Hill Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60194
Phone: 847-755-9625
Artiste's website